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Route Sentry

Gamers & Call of Duty

Certain games, such as Call of Duty, require a connection to an authentication server in order for the player to be able to join an online game. We now maintain, at the same update interval as our other databases, a local routes database with ranges to accomodate gamers. To update Route Sentry, overwrite localroutes.dat with the following:

Locality Developers Call of Duty local routes database:
- Subnetted format (with EA master server ranges included)

Updating Route Sentry Autonymously

One misgiving when using Route Sentry is that no updater was written into the original software, this means the local routes database is only updated on every point release. The following batch file can be run to autonymously update Route Sentry, and/or can be setup as a scheduled task, or cron tab.

- Save the following code as update.bat, you can place it in your Route Sentry folder ("C:\Program Files\Route Sentry") if you like.
- Download WGET for Windows and place it in the same directory.
- Run update.bat (you can double-click it), a command prompt window should appear briefly.
- A backup of the existing database will be created, and a new Locality Route Sentry local routes database will replace the old one.
- If nothing occured, check the updatelog.txt file for error messages.

				:: File: update.bat (v0.1 - 21/07/09)
				:: Requires: wget.exe (http://users.ugent.be/~bpuype/wget)

				:: Location of Route Sentry install folder.
				SET RSDIR="C:\Program Files\Route Sentry"

				:: Set current directory the same as batch file.
				CD %~dp0

				:: Determine whether the defined Route Sentry directory exists.
				  ECHO %date% %time% - ERROR: Unable to locate Route Sentry directory. >> "updatelog.txt"

				:: Backup old localroutes.dat.
				IF EXIST %RSDIR%\localroutes.dat (
				  ECHO %date% %time% - Creating local routes database backups. >> "updatelog.txt"
				  COPY /Y %RSDIR%\localroutes.dat /B %RSDIR%\localroutes.dat.bak /B

				:: Download latest routes database, overwrite existing database.
				ECHO %date% %time% - Downloading latest local routes database. >> "updatelog.txt"
				WGET "http://developers.locality.co.za/routes-rs.txt" --output-document=%RSDIR%\localroutes.dat --quiet --timestamping

				:: All done!
				ECHO %date% %time% - Update complete. >> "updatelog.txt"